* Austria (Styria), lives and works in Vienna

After graduating from the Higher Technical College of Art & Design in Graz 'Ortweinschule' (focus on architecture and painting), I studied Intermedia Art with Sound-Art Pioneer Bernhard Leitner at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (graduation with distinction) and History of Art at the University of Vienna, Austria.


My work focuses on the engagement with interactions, frictions and spaces between different media types (sound, sculpture/object, light, text, video, LandArt, public space, architecture and design). Contextualizing the sensory perception of space, time and location as well as the examination of cognitive processes and technical errors are central themes that I realize in my site-specific space installations, sculptures, interventions and performances. Space thereby turns into a place that changes with the recipient’s position, allowing for a situational and continuously changing perception. How the space is perceived is nevertheless deliberately limited to a certain field, through which cognition is led and choice is channeled. The exploration of and experiments with architectural, virtual or even social and political spaces are fundamental.


2024     Film Screening & Artist Talk, Architecture - Film - Sound, Interdisciplinary Conference, Institut für Kunst- und Musikwissenschaft, University of Graz, AT

2024     Ideenwerkstatt, KunstKommunikation 25, DA – Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel, DE

2023     [zzz], Akademie Graz, AT  / Einzelausstellung

2023     From Level Zero, Donau City Vienna, KÖR – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien, AT  / Einzelausstellung

2022     HOTEL DEZENTRAL, DNA Semmering, Kulturpavillon Panhans, Semmering, AT

2022     IBRIDA, Festival delle arti intermediali, EXATR, Forlì, IT

2022     PAS DE DEUX, Galerie Vrais Reves, Lyon, FR

2022     Klangmanifeste 2022, Sympoietic Symphony, Symposion Lindabrunn und Echoraum Wien, AT

2022     BODY EMBEDDING, Kunstsalon Fluc, Wien, AT

2022     Artist in Residence 06/2022, DNA Semmering, Villa Waldheimat, Semmering, AT

2022     PAS DE DEUX, Fotogalerie Wien, WUK Vienna, AT

2021     Wandering Sound-Bench ‚Ljudbänken‘, Audiorama (Swedish Center for Spatial Sonorities) in collaboration with SPAZIOERSETTI, Moggio Udinese, IT

2020     Working grant from the City of Vienna, 06–07 2020, AT

2020     Artist in Residence 03/2020, Budapest Galéria, HU

2019     Junges Wort, Culture September, former fermentation halls of the Trumer Privatbrauerei and public space, Obertrum am See, AT

2019     Kunst-Litfaßsäule, Art in public space, Gebirgsjägerplatz, Salzburg, AT / Solo Show

2019     stadt_potenziale Innsbruck, Art in public space, Europaratsallee, Innsbruck, AT / Solo Show

2019     NO THEM, ONLY US, perisope, Salzburg, AT

2018     Human Rights? Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto, IT

2018     On Boundaries, Bypasses, and Commons, WIENWOCHE, MuseumsQuartier, IG Bildende Kunst, Nordbahnhalle, Vienna, AT / Solo Shows

2018     Papier.Karton.Pappe, KULMaterie, K3 Pischelsdorf, AT

2018     Il Suono in Mostra 2018, Museo Casa Cavazzini and Radio Onde Furlane (90.0 FM), Udine, IT

2018     Blue Night, Horizons, Hirsvogelsaal, Museum Tucherschloss, Nürnberg, DE / Solo Show

2018     Niños Consentidos Wien #5, Experimental and Interdisciplinary Art Festival, Spektakel Vienna, AT

2017     POTENTIALe, Reichenfeld Areal, Feldkirch, AT / Solo Show

2017     Institut Potemkin - Begehungen No 14, Kulturpalast Chemnitz, DE

2017     District, Karl-Marx-Monument, Chemnitz, DE

2017     Artist in Residence 07–08/2017, Begehungen No 14, Chemnitz, DE

2016     CLOSED for viewing, Galerie im Hochhaus Herrengasse, Wien, AT / Solo Show

2016     Train Wagon, Eingang Bau 2, Tabakfarbrik Linz, AT / Solo Show

2016     Lichtspiel, Bau 2, Tabakfarbrik Linz, AT / Solo Show

2016     BlackLAB 03–06/2016, Tabakfarbrik Linz, AT

2016     SPAZIOERSETTI, Galleria di arte sonora e spaziale, Udine, IT / Solo Show

2015     12 Bytes, EIKON Schaufenster, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, AT / Solo Show

2015     small, Kunstraum SUPER, Vienna, AT

2015     Lücke, KUVA, Leonding, AT

2015     Shift Change - Slogging Away in Ebensee, Festival of Regions, Traunsee/Ebensee, AT

2015     Klimesch - Business with things, Volkskundemuseum, Vienna, AT

2014     between, bewegter wind, Kassel, DE

2014     chamber, Frederiksberg Copenhagen, DK / Solo Show

2013     square, Rochester Contemporary Art Center NY, USA

2013     OHRSPIELE, Schauspielhaus, Vienna, AT

2013     soundscape, Galerie Schlagers, Birkfeld/Stmk., AT

2012     Innovationspreis.12, IG Kultur - mo.ë, Vienna, AT

2012     Future World, Future Lab - create32, Mayrhofen/Tirol, AT

2012     See the Peak, Future Lab - create32, Mayrhofen/Tirol, AT / Solo Show

2012     Destabilized Ground, SOHO in Ottakring 13, Vienna, AT

2011     homage on Bruegel, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, AT / Solo Show

2010     Karl-Schweighofergasse 12, perm. Lightinstallation, Vienna, AT / Solo Show

2010     Art in architecture, perm. Light-Space-Intervention, Linz, AT

2010     Art in architecture, perm. Spaceintervention, Linz, AT

2008     Soundpark, ARS ELECTRONICA, Linz, AT

2008     Radioarbeiten, KUNSTRADIO-RADIOKUNST, Ö1

2008     disfigurement, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, AT / Solo Show

2007– 2009     acoustic analyses/experimental arrangements (space-object-wind/airflow)

2006     diploma, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, AT

2005     relationship problems, K2, Vienna, AT

2005     Gosh! Where are you? ...now..., Auto, Vienna, AT


2004     KGON meets K2, K2, Vienna, AT

2004     GRUNDSTEIN 09-04, georg weckwerth_TEMPORÆRE GALERIE, Vienna, AT

2004     Tonspur for a public space, Q21-MuseumsQuatier, Vienna, AT

2003     WORKS, Intermedia Art, EXPO Seidlgasse, Vienna, AT


2023     Lichtungen #175, Focus: Maybe it was the wind, Graz, AT

              Art article pp. 86–107, Journal of Literature, Art and Time Criticism, 10/2023

2023     [zzz] Texte, part of the multidisciplinary spatial installation, 60 pages, 10/2023, Vienna, AT

2019     Publication about the art project: 3.5.1945

               Hardcover, 52 pages, 12/2019. Kindly supported by: Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich, Vienna, AT

2019     Kunstkatalog/Kalender 2019–2043. KULMaterie. Die Sprache der Materialien. Eine Retrospektive. Kulturverein Kulm 2019, AT

2017     Institut Potemkin, Kunst- und Kulturfestival 2017, Begehungen e. V., E/D, Chemnitz, DE

2017     LandEscape Art Review, International Art Magazine, 8th edition. An interview by Dario Rutigliano and Katherine Williams.

               pp. 62–85, 2017. LandEscape Europe

2017     komplex, Culture Magazine Innsbruck, [ART]ikulation 2017, AT

2016     Publication about the art project: see trau'n – The 'resurfacing' of the worker's home library of Ebensee was sunk in 1934. 

               Hardcover, E/D, 52 pages, 12/2016.  Kindly supported by: Otto Mauer Fonds, Vienna, AT

2015     EIKON, International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, main article, No. #91, AT

2015     Schichtwechsel – Hackeln in Ebensee, Festival der Regionen 2015, Ottensheim, AT

2014     Super Edition#2, Kunstraum Super, Vienna, AT

2014     7. bewegter wind, landscape exhibition between, Lichtenfels, DE

2006     elfmalfoenen, diploma, University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT

2005     Durchsicht, 1987–2005 Bernhard Leitner, Vol.1 and Vol.3 (DVD), Vienna/New York, AT/US