music on long thin pipes

Site-specific sound-sculpture, 2022  I   electrical installation pipes, steel cable, cable ties, small materials, length approx. 44m


Skulpturenpark Lindabrunn, AT

„Within“ flows „outside“ – electrical installation pipes leave their functionally determined ways and extend into the visible public space. Public utility infrastructure is the premise to productivity and progress of communities – nonetheless people are not aware of it as they take it for granted. Resources, climate crisis, war or pandemic take a different look at these instrumentalized forces that provide the everyday basis for modern public space.


The sound sculpture develops between two trees and hovers above us. The tubes of different lengths make not only channels for energy visible, but also possible flows audible. The orientation, arrangement and dimensions are based on acoustic and site-specific criteria. Every pipe is a kind of ‚organ pipe‘ and is only activated through the prevailing wind situation. 'Music is not what you hear or what you listen to, but everything that happens‘ (John Cage).