Aus der Nullebene / From Level Zero

transdisciplinary art project 2023/24  I   performance, HD-audio/video, text contributions, art education, website

with Matthias Klos


Donau City Vienna, AT


From Level Zero is a transdisciplinary art project which explores Vienna’s Donau City – both online and on site. Initiated by Hans-Jürgen Poëtz & Matthias Klos  with contributions from art, architecture, art history, urban planning, sociology, art education, and residents of the district.
Vienna’s Donau City – built on a former garbage dump – unites a round of residential and commercial buildings, including the tallest buildings in the city. As a modern center, this part of the city was planned using a level concept that relocated the infrastructure for automobility (roads, parking garages, etc.) underground (Levels ­–1 to –3). The car-free “Level 0” connects the buildings and is a gusty and drafty open space which gives a feeling of distance between the building structures.
The project sees itself as a process-oriented inventory, a ‘tool’ for an individual, and at the same time a transdisciplinary exploration of Vienna’s Danube City, which is available as an online mediation project until October 2024.