the poetry of donau city

sound performance 2023  I   2 people, 7 long round wooden sticks, 7 speakers, 7 audio players, 1 photo


Art in public space, Donau City, Vienna

From Level Zero is a transdisciplinary art project which explores Vienna’s Donau City – both online and on site. Initiated by Hans-Jürgen Poëtz & Matthias Klos with contributions from art, architecture, art history, urban planning, sociology, art education, and residents of the district.


The audio recordings for The Poetry of Donau City consist of condensed acoustic impressions derived from our investigations in this neighborhood. They commence with the prevailing sounds of the wind, incorporating voices, echoing through the rugged spaces, tunnels, and ramps, ultimately allowing the voids and vibrations of the constructed architecture itself to become audible. In this manner, the development of the Donau City is confronted with its own sound – transforming from the macrocosm into a temporary microcosm. The actual sounds blend during the performance with the recorded resonances of the architectural structure.

The Poetry of Donau City is a site-specific spatial intervention that can only be experienced acoustically in person.