space odyssey (DNA Semmering)

site-specific sound-(head)space-intervention 2022  I   headphones, player, 15'27''

Kulturpavillion Panhans, Semmering, AT

excerpt stereo – for headphones

space odyssey deals with the acoustic exploration and scanning of the topographical, local and historical identity at Semmering. Equipped with a mobile recording device, places, spaces, buildings, objects, viaducts and landscapes were acoustically explored with different microphones. The soundscape at Semmering is determined by the interplay of topography and train sounds. Trains winding through and around the mountain create a very special spatial soundscape. The place becomes an acoustic cauldron that amplifies and reflects the sounds. Whether you are up or down, behind or in front, the train sounds wander, disappear and penetrate the Semmering from all directions.