multidisciplinary installation 2023  I   loudspeakers, player, light boxes, wall drawing, texts, chairs, floor lamps, pedestals, various cables

with Lea Titz

Akademie Graz

Photo: Lea Titz

[zzz] is a poetic montage exploring the phenomenon of snoring, delving into the interaction of image, sound, and text. [...]


Snoring, however, is not a gentle breeze but can be an unbearable noise. This is precisely what interested Hans-Jürgen Poëtz and Lea Titz in their cross-genre collaboration: a sound that has been ever-present and yet taboo in all places of sleep since time immemorial. What are the artistic and poetic qualities of snoring? What is there to discover beyond the obvious? What can be represented acoustically and visually, and how do these media interact?


The multi-layered spatial installation comprises a composition of different snoring sounds on loudspeakers distributed throughout the room, a wall drawing depicting an acoustic landscape of heart rhythms, breathing, and snoring noises, light boxes with flow pictures of expelled breath, as well as poems by Sonja Harter and Daniela Kocmut, an essay by Florian Werner, and a conversation with the doctor Patricia Steinwender – presenting a multitude of fascinatingly different perspectives on this unpopular noise.


The breath is presented in the exhibition as sculptural elements that breathe over various platform shapes and form different states in the room. The polysomnographic snoring landscape, as a drawing along the walls, seems like a score for these audiovisual moments. [...]



Astrid Kury

(Excerpt from the text for [zzz], translated from German)