arab spring 

8-canal-sound-installation, discursive supporting programme 2011/12  I   speakers, cables, sofa, table, player, box, 11x9m


Gschwandner/Reaktor, Vienna

Based on daily reviews of Twitter posts over an investigation period of 4 months (01.03.–30.06.2011), this project illustrates the functionality of social media apart from mainstream media in a changing Arabic World. Tweets from different Arabic countries (Kuwait, Tunisia, Oman, V.A.E., Libya, Qatar, etc.) are visualized as text and – in specifically arranging recordings of the texts read in different languages – translated into a sound-space-installation. To promote exchange and connect people interested in the topic, the installation is supported by a variety of presentations and talks informing about the situation and role of social media in Arabic countries.


In cooperation with Lea Bäumler & students from the Institute of Orientalism at the University of Vienna.