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Europaratsalle, Innsbruck

On February 26 1945, three US special unit agents volunteered to go on a suicide mission and jumped off a plane over the Sulztalferner mountain. Franz Weber, a deserted German Wehrmacht officer who came from the nearby village Oberperfuss, was responsible for local contacts and hideouts. He was accompanied by the Jewish emigrants Fred Mayer from Freiburg (scout) and Hans Wijnberg from Amsterdam (radio operator). The goal of Operation Greenup was to collect information about the railroad traffic to the regional capital (Innsbruck) and a planned mountain bastion in the strategically important region.


The local population – especially many Tyrolean women – contributed to the success of the risky mission. On May 3 1945, Operation Greenup even led to the peaceful surrender of Innsbruck to the Allied Forces, thus essentially saving the city from destruction.


As a reminder of how the bold actions of few can impact the lives of many, the date 3.5.1945 emerges as a huge floor marking in the Innsbruck city area. This story of courage, which mostly takes place in silence, now receives public attention. Only few of all these small incidents that shape the course of history are known, because public perception is limited and historical awareness forgetful.