changes (Pas de Deux)

HD-Audio/Video, 2022

with Lea Titz


Fotogalerie Wien, AT

Galerie Vrais Reves, Lyon, FR

Changes of states and transformations of perception at the interfaces between image and sound form the starting point of this experimental movie. In the dance of the two disciplines (Pas de Deux), the sound does not go along with the image, or vice versa. Interaction, simultaneity and autonomy in dealing with the audiovisual fusion result in the confrontation of sudden and gradual changes.


While the sound track develops subtle errors and hardly noticeable changes by copying the phoneme S back and forth between two computers more than a thousand times, a chain of reactions is conditioned on the image level, which often runs in a similar way and can be described in so-called phase models. An obstacle in an ant trail will bring a new route after a phase of irritation and sounding. The mountain that disturbs the familiar path stands for any changing situation. Depending on the gravity of the intervention, it takes longer or shorter until the change is accepted, adapted, integrated or audible.


In a similar way, the pandemic represents a massive intervention. On the image layer, the superficial: shock, uncertainty, measures and habituation. On the sound layer, creeping changes that permeate our society in a hardly noticeable way.



Photos: Michael Michlmayr