site-specific sound-space-installation 2018  I   speakers, players/computer, 16x7x4,5m


Hirsvogelsaal, Museum Tucherschloss, Nürnberg

excerpt stereo

The basis for this Sound-Space-Intervention is a playing mode for transverse flute in contemporary classical music. An air current blown through the flute is breathing into the space. So called ‘jet-whistles’ are circulating in glissandi, and are ruptured by the sharp staccato-rythms of the moving claps as well as hardly noticeable everyday noise. The sounds unfold under Georg Pencz' famous Renaissance ceiling painting ‘The Fall of the Phaeton'. Sound and image are in communication. Location means an essential feature to a sound process constantly alternating, apart from other acoustic parameters. The exibition space stand at the core of the concept, transforming it into an instrument, so people feel like staying inside a flute. A fresh breeze is blowing through this ‚pipe organ‘ that turns into a walkable sound-sculpture. A listening room with an ever changing sound netting not only dissolving actual limitations of space but also creating new virtual rooms.