sound-space-installation/audio piece 2005/2013, speakers, cables, players/computer, 8'17' '– ∞


Schauspielhaus Vienna


The basis for this Sound-Space-Intervention is a playing mode for transverse flute in contemporary classical music. An air current blown through the flute is breathing into the space. So called ‘jet-whistles’ are circulating in glissandi, and are ruptured by the sharp staccato-rythms of the moving claps as well as hardly noticeable everyday noise. 


In the multiple-channel-installation, the sound material is minimally shifted in every loop, thereby consistently creating different states. In doing so, the physique of the space articulates itself, starts to pulse, opens up and closes, is breathing in and out.


In collaboration with Eva Furrer (flutist, Klangforum Wien)