modulator 3 'the glasshouse that we live in'

site-specific intervention in public space 2017, audio-modulator, stretch film, 3x3x2m

with Julio Anaya Cabanding (SPA), Guillermo Álvarez-Charvel (MEX), David Dunne (IRL)


Karl-Marx-Monument, Chemnitz, D


The site-specific intervention, to the left of the Karl-Marx-Monument, is a collaborative project of the four artists in residence at the ‘Begehungen 14 - Institute Potemkin’ in Chemnitz. On invitation, a room in Florian Huber's installation "District" was wrapped around a cube-like form with countless meters of stretch filmwrap. Through a modulator connected to the climate cell the artists invite one connect sensuously and spiritually with the object, observe changes and allow for modulations.